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Our Story

Overview of Onion Africa Ltd

The proprietors of Onion Africa, Grace and Viola retired and ventured into onion farming after reading a story how millions had been made by an onion farmer in Kenya. Without any onion expert knowledge they opted in and ventured into onion farming.

The first harvest was disappointing, with productions yields being low and the produce quality didn’t meet the required market standards. It was also a nightmare finding good offers for the onions since the market was controlled by onion brokers who offered very low prices.

This didn’t deter them and they attempted the second trial, which also failed few days to harvesting, after unexpected heavy rains flooded and submerged the onion farm.  

It was a regrettable lesson since Kenya Met Dept has signaled a warning months earlier.

At this point they gave up onion farming and instead ventured into buying and selling onions to support onion farmers who had been suffering in the hands of brokers buying at low prices.

After pursing for markets, and getting a weekly order of 30 tons, serving the order and tonnage has always been a challenge because it is very difficult to get good quality onions and good tonnage in the Kenyan market. 

Many buyers results to importing from Tanzania market but unfortunately the imported onions always don’t meet the required quality standards.

Importations of onions has caused flooding of onions in the Kenyan market which has negatively discouraged many from investing in onion farming; a situation that has led to shortages and instability in the market prices.

To overcome these challenges, Onions Africa will support to improve onion production, yield and incomes of local farmers in Kenya who want or are currently engaged in onion farming in Kenya.